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Malaysia Steps Up!

Malaysian footwear sector is gearing up to once again seduce its audience.

Düsseldorf, 1 June 2014: Malaysia, one of Asia”s largest exporters of footwear is aiming to make a major leap in this year”s edition of GDS and tag it! trade fair to further strengthen their market position in the region.

According to the Malaysian Trade Commissioner in Germany, Mr. Jai Shankar, last year Malaysian shoe exports to Germany rose by 16% to 2.9 million pairs placing Malaysia in 20th position in terms of import source rankings. “Significant increases were also recorded in exports of Malaysian footwear to other European countries such as Norway, Belgium, Ireland and the United Kingdom as well as to the Middle East including United Arab Emirates,” he added.

The Malaysian footwear industry currently ranks as the 19th largest in the world and has an annual production capacity of about 70 million pairs.

Mr. Shankar heads the Malaysia External Trade Development Corporation in Frankfurt, overseeing 12 markets in Europe including Germany, France, Spain and Switzerland. He informs that the Malaysian footwear industry is well-supported by an experienced and skilled workforce with both technical and practical skills.

“These companies are also often owned by creative shoe designers or collaborate closely with third-party designers to develop footwear suitable for a wide-range of market segments,” he adds. According to him, not surprisingly, Malaysian companies are constantly introducing innovative designs, patterns and colours.

The industry is in a position to offer well-manufactured creative products at competitive prices by having ready access to a large creative talent pool, ASEAN supply chain and efficient production facilities. As a result, Malaysian footwear is attracting new buyers in affluent markets that prize trendiness in terms of latest designs and superior quality. Malaysian companies continue to boost their competitiveness by investing in the necessary technology to meet the changing expectations of a segmented market. Modernising their production units and introducing new technologies has definitely raised the quality of output and improved product consistency.

There are currently about 1,000 footwear manufacturers in Malaysia, employing a workforce of some 30,000. They are mainly located in the states of Perak, Selangor and Johor. The Malaysian footwear industry produces a wide variety of footwear ranging from safety and industrial footwear to sports shoes and high fashion footwear.

In their quest to create an identity for their products, Malaysian footwear manufacturers have successfully marketed their own brands such as Lanbaharin, MISANO, Jimmy Chia, Nelissa Hilman, KENWOO, Salsa, UNIFIT, etc. In addition several Malaysian footwear manufacturers produce international brands such as Camel, Hush Puppies, Scholl, Puma and Nike under license.

These factors have resulted in the expansion of Malaysia”s market penetration in key markets and segments, despite the soft economy in recent years.

Together with the Malaysian Footwear Manufacturers” Association (MFMA) – which represents most of the leading Malaysian footwear manufacturers, a total of nine leading footwear manufacturers from Malaysia will be participating in this year”s GDS and tag it!. CV&JS, HTP Soles, Unico Footwear, Golden Boss, Reveya as well as Sooi Seng and Jimmy Chia will join tag it!, whereas Nelissa Hilman will be showcasing her latest collections at GDS.

“Our exhibitors will be focusing on current fashions and contemporary designs as well as quality finishing and price competitive products to attract potential buyers,” says Mr. Shankar.

Many of these exhibitors have international exposure and experience in terms of exporting to European markets. They are also regular participants in key international trade fairs related to the footwear industry including the likes of GDS Fair (Germany), MICAM and Garda Fairs (Milan), the Bangkok International Fashion Fair (Thailand), Malaysia International Shoe festival (Malaysia) and Asia Pacific Leather and Footwear Fair (Hong Kong). As we continue to enhance our capacity and capabilities, the Malaysian footwear industry is poised to put its best foot forward.

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Malaysia Steps Up!

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